A call for black designers to stand the f^ck up and fight for diversity, inclusion, and respect. Join the movement and create our own black design icons for generations to come, ya dig.


This message is brought to you by the black vanguard of Southwest ATL.


Founded in 2017, The Black Bauhaus Movement serves as a platform to promote diversity, education, and provide mentorship to the underserved communities. The concept is inspired by the artistic sensibilities and ethos of the Bauhaus style and the social and cultural influences of the Black Panther Party. The goal is to help foster and create more BIPOC design heroes for generations to come. The 4 guiding principles are as follows:

1. Promote diversity and inclusion within the design industry at all levels.
2. Educate and bring design awareness to the disenfranchised.
3. Mentor the youth.
4. Promote design excellence.


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